Flow Cytometry Software, Reimagined

OMIQ is a modern cytometry analysis platform bridging machine learning and analytical pipelines with classical manual analysis.

How OMIQ Works

Combining high-performance analytical power and modern user-focused design
Classical Analysis

OMIQ has the fundamentals covered

Use a single software to go from raw data to statistical significance, and everything in between. Clean functionality for adjusting compensation, setting scales, gating, making figures, processing visual and statistical batch reports, and more.
High Dimensional Analysis

Cutting-edge algorithms and visualizations

Use OMIQ's suite of machine learning tools to bring order to complex high-dimensional data. OMIQ's modular architecture ensures that you have access to the latest and greatest analytical innovations, as they happen.

Auditable and intuitive workflows

All analysis in OMIQ is stored as a traceable sequence of steps making it easy to reproduce, trace and audit. Customize your workflow with plugins and your code can run inside OMIQ. Share your algorithms with the world or keep them private for your enterprise only.
Cloud Platform

Collaborate with ease in a secure environment

Get to results faster, together, with easy sharing of data, addition of colleagues and setting of permission levels. Ensure your data is safe with OMIQ's enterprise-grade security, including end-to-end and at-rest encryption, and organizational security-in-depth.

Best-in-class automated gating and
data-driven analysis


Replace time-costly and subjective manual gating

Custom tailored automated gating pipelines for cytometry data provide data-driven results that are rapid, robust and reproducible.

Trusted by the world’s leading research

Experience the future of flow cytometry.